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* Daylight Power Company, LLC is a PA Sunshine Qualified PV Installer

Daylight Power Company, LLC is a new enterprise which started it's first operations on October 17th of 2010 in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has currently set a goal to increase the power generated by solar PV arrays from 2MW in 2007 to over 860 Megawatts by 2021. Plus the "cap has come off" of electricity prices in the area. These things mean there is a lot of work to be done in a relatively new industry and we would like to get started. Our number one priority is that Daylight Power Company, LLC will grow an outstanding reputation for quality of work, reliability, courtesy and thrive in the coming years.

Daylight Power Company is starting with residential grid tied installations in Pennsylvania with the possibility of commercial installations and work outside of PA as requested by customers. Our capabilities include photovoltaic peaked roof arrays, flat roof arrays, ground arrays, pole arrays, ballasted arrays and arrays with tracking systems. There are also many types of inverters available and Daylight Power Company's customers can pick any options or manufacturers they choose. This is also true for solar modules and other components as long as the warranties are intact and trusted. (Daylight Power Company prefers to use solar modules from manufacturers that are ARRA beneficial.)

The company is in Pennsylvania, working to install solar PV systems on almost any site and we are willing to make any reasonable PV structure for a fair price. If you send your information, including the longitude and latitude of your roof or site, we will gladly return whatever information we can about a system which may suit you.


Daylight Power Company will currently serve customers in the Pennsylvania counties highlighted below:

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