Daylight Power Company, LLC - Design & Planning


The first step to system design and planning is an "aerial photo" to evaluate the entire site. This can be used to gather enough information to make some rough estimates concerning the efficiency and viability of possible solar panel arrays and their placement.

To have Daylight Power Company LLC look at an aerial photo of your home, roof or site, please email with as much information about your roof/site as you can. Please include the address and, if possible, try to include the latitude & longitude co-ordinates of your roof by using the tools available in the Web Resources section. This information will be used to tell you what design options are available to you.

Include in your email what you desire in a solar photovoltaic system plus:

Important information for preliminary design consideration: Address (Coordinates too if possible), Roof slope, Roof condition, Power use (kWh per year and month), name of utility company, tree shadows and anything else that could affect the solar panel array.


The second step, if the roof/site is determined to have enough solar irradiation, is to decide which of the available options would make you happy. From there, instruments would be used to exactly measure the amount of sun the roof/site receives per year and start accurate calculations of efficiency. If this efficiency is still higher than required we could start the final planning. At this point, you would choose the type of solar modules you would like, the type of inverter you would like and receive a proposal from Daylight Power Company.

If you choose Daylight Power Company's proposal or bid, then we would agree to a contract, send the applications for all of the incentives and send the application to the utility company. When the applications clear it would be time to buy the solar panels, inverter, racking, wires etc. and finally get to the Installation.



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